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Password Protect Usernames and Passwords

For ONLY $45.00 you will get a stunningly-simple secret username and password storage tool that will allow you to sleep safe at night without taking risks with your finances or your identity ! Never again will you go through the pain of trying to remember where you put all of those usernames and passwords either!

When you find out about it, it will already be too late! Once that undetected piece of spyware has done its work, and the thieves have taken hold of your password file, it will already be too late.

They will have already accessed and emptied your bank account, your credit cards will be maxed out, your identity will have been stolen, and multiple loans will have been made in your name.

Until you can convince people that you are a genuine victim, and not just an irresponsible idiot, your passport may be rescinded, your Social Security number replaced, and you whole life will be turned upside-down by "the authorities" scrutinizing every aspect of your life and questioning YOUR integrity.


Identity fraud, one of the fastest-growing crimes worldwide, costs us an estimated $32.5 billion a year.

Which?, the Consumers' Association magazine, found that a quarter of all adults have had their identity stolen or know somebody who's been a victim of ID fraud.

In 2007, there was a 62% rise in fraud committed on genuine credit and debit cards

It can take up to 500 days before discovering your identity has been stolen, according to analysis of a victims of fraud service run by Experian, one of the largest credit reference agencies. By this time, huge damage can have already been inflicted.

Clearing your name

It can take up to 300 hours of work and hassle to clear your name and put your credit record straight (That's about 40 solid days of work). In the meantime, you could find it impossible to get a mortgage, loan or credit card.

A few simple internet-based precautions will help to protect your identity and financial future:

  • Never give bank, credit or debit card details, your PIN or passwords to anybody on the internet, in emails or during cold calls
  • Shred your old emails and documents - don't just trash them (programs like McAfee can do this for you). Be especially careful with anything containing financial information. Research by Experian found that almost on fifth of all computer users leave enough information in the trash folder for a criminal to use their debit or credit card online
  • Choose passwords that will be impossible for others to guess – for example, avoid using your date of birth or your mother’s maiden name – and do not use the same password or PIN for all your accounts
  • Check your credit record regularly, especially after moving home. That way, if you are unlucky enough to become a victim of this crime, you will know about it almost as soon as the fraudster strikes – and can stop the damage immediately.


PASSWORD PROTECTOR is a very simple, but very safe program that resides wholly on your own computer. It is an independent ultra-secure storage place for ALL your usernames, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, PIN numbers and passwords (there is NO LIMIT to the amount of information you can store).

The file itself is password protected (it's the ONLY password you need to remember) and the data CANNOT be accessed by anyone else, any time, any place. So even if someone accesses your PC and copies the program, the data is still totally inaccessible.

If more than five false attempts are made to access your password list, the program assumes that the attempts are malicious and reverts to safe mode. It will then only open after you have successfully answered a checking question (which you pre-determine).

And to add an extra layer of security, PASSWORD PROTECTOR will automatically close after a predetermined time (which you decide). So if you're called away from your PC, the program will close down until you return .... safe from snooping eyes!


It can't be easier!! Just a nice, neat, self-contained and secure application that you can leave on your desktop for easy access.

Click "Add New" and you can add new passwords and usernames (no limit).
Type your Description in Box 1
Type your UserName in Box 2
Type Your Password in Box 3... That's it "You Are Done"
Click "Update Selected" Box 4 to change any information that was previously entered
Click "Password Action" to determine your safe mode checking question. You use this in case you have forgotten your own password.

To use this software just click the Icon on your DeskTop to open the login. Enter your personal password to open the application. Then double click on the link for the site you want to visit and the software will open the page automatically. How easy can it get!

This is NOT some highfalutin, auto-filling, double-encryted, brain-scrambler. This is NOT rocket science. This is just plain INTERNET and PERSONAL SECURITY at it's best.

No more lost usernames, no more hacked access codes, no more "what was that website URL?", no more "what's the PIN number for that credit card?". PASSWORD PROTECTOR is simple, safe, logical and dead easy to use

Sounds expensive doesn't it? Wrong... for only $45.00 you can have this fully functional password and username tool.

Fill out the form by CLICKING HERE Upon receiving confirmation that your credit card transaction has been approved we will email you a link where you can download your software. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express



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Password Protector
Password Protector - secure software that remembers ALL of your username and passwords

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