Monthly Maintenance Fees...

Maintenance can be a frustrating and time consuming task for many businesses understands this and provides complete web site solutions to busy companies and individuals who want a web site, but don't want the hassle of maintaining it themselves.

One of the many services we provide is reliable Monthly Web Site Maintenance is a company that uniquely combines the economies and expertise of outsourcing with the efficiencies and scale of the Internet to help companies and individuals easily, cost effectively, and efficiently maintain and manage their web site infrastructures.

We are well aware of how frustrating it can be sometimes when a graphic needs to be removed, or changed, or your text/shopping cart content requires timely updates to include a new product or service. We can devote the time and resources to ensure that your sites' content is updated accurately and within your time constraints.

Most text/content changes and updates can be made on the same day. More complex jobs involving graphics work can take a little longer. However, we schedule all of our work and can accurately predict when it will be done - and we'll keep you up to date on the status of your updates

Why maintain and manage a Web site?

In order to meet the increasingly sophisticated expectations of customers and clients, you cannot afford to ignore the demands of ongoing Web Site maintenance and management. Without it, sites begin to decay in performance and value. Proactively managing the site can extend its useful life, maximize its return on investment and consistently deliver a great Internet experience to its users.

Awebpage offers a range of Monthly Fees for situations like this to help control costs

if you would like us to perform monthly recurring maintenance on your web site please select a range of web site size from the below table that best matches your site. We will contact you to set up a call on what we will need to proceed should you decide to use our maintenance services.

If you do not see a range selection, or maintenance requirement that matches your web site size then please use the Comments Box to add what you are looking for.

Note: The Fixed Monthly Fee is billed each and every month regardless if updates are performed.

Monthly Updates will be performed 4 times per month for the following:

  • Updates / Additions to text content throughout the web site
  • Adding / Modifying images (you own) throughout the web site
  • Updates to Shopping Cart products (add $50 surcharge to the monthly fee for shopping carts)
  • Add / Modify Links to internal or external web sites
  • Add / Modify data fields on web site forms
  • Upload all updates to the Host server
If you require immediate updates to your site please visit our hourly maintenance fees for this service.

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