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June 2012

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the monthly Newsletter. Unlike other newsletters on the Internet you will find that our newsletter is geared expressly to you, our Client, and Subscriber. It will only include information that focuses on web site promotion, marketing, business software, business management tools, PC tips and tricks, Seach Engines and much more...

We hope you find it useful and informative... let us know what you think.. your input will help us to develop a newsletter that works for you.


Interesting Facts

Laid Off From a Business? Start Your Own
Would-be Entrepreneurs Are Using Their Severance Pay to Start New Businesses
America may be in a recession, but that's not stopping thousands of would-be entrepreneurs from using their severance pay or savings to do something they've always hankered to do: be their own boss. This is a really good piece by ABCNews that you should read if you are one of the laid off people thinking about what to do next. Click Here for the full article

Did You Know?
1. Tim Berners-Lee in 1990 coined the phrase ‘World Wide Web.’
2. The first domain name ever registered was on March 15, 1985.
3. The term “weblog” was coined by Jorn Barger on 17 December 1997.”
4. Bob Metcalfe is credited for coining the phrase the web might be better than sex in 1995.
5. The term “Blog” was coined by Peter Merholz in 1999.
6. Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan (Pyra Labs) launched in August 1999.
7. Google purchased Blogger in February 2003.
8. Over 12 million American adults currently maintain a blog.
9. The highest amount of blog readers are Canadian.
10. 46% of bloggers are women.
11. 54 % of bloggers are men.
12. 80% of all livejournal users are from the United States of America.
13. The most popular blog in the world is that of Chinese actress Xu Jinglei..

Users See Internet as Key Information Source.
Two-thirds of respondents who use the Internet call it an "important" or "extremely important" source of information, according to a UCLA survey. Just 52% ranked TV and 47% considered radio at the same level. The study also found that Users called the Internet highly credible.

Amazon vs eBay
eBay has always beaten Amazon when it comes to traffic. However, for the holiday season in December Amazon had won over eBay for the first time ever.

59,624,000 Americans clicked to Amazon compared to 59,374,000 who clicked into eBay.

Google vs Yahoo vs MSN
Internet metrics company Compete indicated that in December, Google continued to increase its dominance over the search engine market. No less than 5.56 billion queries were entered into Google in December, out of the total of 8.2 billion searches performed by U.S. users. Yahoo has a market share of just 17% for approximately 1.4 billion searches, while the combined results of MSN and Live Search only account for a total of 746 million queries and a share of 9.1%.

Who's Buying What
– men mostly buying computers, CDs and videos
– 12.6 million male shoppers research automobiles and buy auto parts
– 9.4 million men buy computers online
– number of women buyers up 80%
– 9.6 million women bought books, CDs and videos
– 6.9 million women buy clothing online
– 6.4 million women buy computers online

Marketing Tips:

Boosting Your B-to-B Sales
by Dan Rieck

Here are a few tips to help you improve response to your business-to-business direct mail:

Mail to different job titles. In large companies, decisions are made on many levels, so you must prove to all that doing business with you is beneficial and safe. Try mailing to different job titles simultaneously, perhaps with different copy addressing each level's concerns. Or you might encourage pass-alongs of the same piece.

Provide complete information. Business decisions require more consideration. That's why it's vital to provide complete product specifications and detailed features.

Avoid chest-beating corporate brochures. A brochure should have a clear, specific purpose. Stick to that purpose and save the heady language and images for your annual report.

Commandments Of Successful Entrepreneurship,
by Jennifer Kushell

So you're planning to start a new business, huh? Here's a few things to consider before venturing out on that financial limb.

  • Find a market niche. What makes you unique, and how are you different from anybody else out there.
  • Always under-promise and over-deliver.
  • Choose your area of interest carefully, taking into consideration your greatest talents, weaknesses and current available resources.

800 Numbers Effect On Ad Recognition,
by Nat G. Bodian

Advertisements bearing an 800-phone number are usually noticed by 20% more people than those lacking one. As a rule, at least twice as many people will respond to an 800 number in an advertisement, rather than calling a regular phone number. It is also an extremely effective replacement for any offer or advertisement that does not contain an order form. Increasing the type size of the 800 number, as well as placing it in the lower right hand corner of newspaper and magazine ads will increase response. Adding an 800 number not only increases the percentage but also the speed of the response as well, sometimes generating calls the day the publication is delivered.

PC Tips & Tricks

Windows XP - Split Screen to display 2 applications at the same time
Here’s a quick how-to for anyone who wants to split their computer screen monitor into two so that they can view two applications side-by-side without buying special software. This works best with wide screen monitors of 15" or more.

In order to split your display down the middle either horizontally or vertically, first open two applications, let’s say Word and Excel. Now click on one of the tabs in the Windows Taskbar and then press and hold the CNTRL key on your keyboard. While holding down the CNTRL key, click on the other tab in the Taskbar. They should both be selected now (they should have a darker background than the other tabs).Now that both applications are selected in the Taskbar, right-click on either one and choose Tile Vertically from the options.

How to hide system tray icons in Windows XP
If you are one of those people who have a tendancy to open LOTS of applications on your PC you will notice that room on the system tray becomes very scarce. To get around this problem try this.

1. First, right-click on the Taskbar and choose Properties.

2.On the Taskbar tab at the bottom, you’ll see an option to Hide inactive icons. If you want anything to be hidden, you need to make sure that the checkbox for that option is checked!

3. Click the Customize button to bring up the Customize Notifications dialog box:

4. Scroll through the list of programs and choose from three options: Hide when inactive, Always show, or Always hide.

5. Choose Always hide for anything that you want to hide and choose Hide when inactive for items that you only want to appear when an action is being performed. For example, the new mail icon for Outlook can be set to Hide when inactive, which means it will only appear when you get a new email in your Outlook Inbox

Unfortunatley, this is not permanent, you will need to go through this process each time you boot up.

How to hide your open Windows apps from the boss or prying eyes FAST... try this tip
1. On your keyboard you should see a button with the Windows Icon .. it's usually on the bottom row of keys. Hold this button down and then click the letter D. That's it... all of your open applications will be shut down immediately.
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Password & Username Protector
Are you always frustrated trying to remember all of those Usernames and Passwords we all deal with every day? I have a software package available that takes the worry and frustration out of this effort. This software will safely and securely store all of this information and make it accessible at the click of a button. It's password protected so only "you" can retrieve this data. If interested click here for more information.

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Search Engines:

For a complete list of all the major Search Engines:
Click Here... Search Engines

Cheap SEO: it’s about quality, not price
by Brian Turner

The big problem with SEO as a service is that there is no standard like with PPC. It’s not at all a case of different companies offering the same service simply at different prices - SEO is a service covering many specialities.

This means that SEO cannot be bought and sold on price points alone - and why it is essential that companies looking for SEO services determine what they are actually looking for.

A brief set of pointers may include any of the following:

- Basic on-page SEO
- SEO copyriting
- Site architecture
- Link development
- Keyword research
- URL rewriting/dynamic solutions

Once such a list is determined, it’s important to then seek not a “SEO company” but a company that provides specific SEO services that you actually need - and is proven to be competent at delivering such services.

The big danger next is that the prospective client will shop around on price - and in B2B services if you buy on price, you’re in real danger of living out the mantra of “pay peanuts, get monkeys”.

Buying SEO services by price point alone is definitely in invitation for poor quality services, and even worse, can invite a penalty in Google.

India has probably done more than any other country to position itself as the “SEO spam” capital, with a huge number of companies fighting to offer the cheapest service that delivers the smallest results.

Clients end up paying for something that looks cheap, but it’s just dung.

And what can seem like a bargain deal doesn’t simply waste money - it wastes time enough to allow your competitors to gain an increasingly lead on you.

It’s one thing for a SEO company to deliver poor results, but there is always the danger that incompetent SEO companies can get a business website banned from Google.

It is unfortuntely common, and a small business with a banned website will struggle to get back into Google’s index, even once they clean up.

SEO sales - all promise, no substance

Like most internet services, SEO services has become a band wagon for quick cash-in cowboys.

There are a large number of companies claiming to offer “SEO services”, but only a minority with any real competence

And competent SEO companies usually do not engage in aggressive sales practices such as email spam campaigns or telesales cold-calling.

Such tactics are an indicator of a sales-focused company, and says nothing of their ability to deliver on sales promises.

In a sales environment, those promises are likely exaggerated beyond the ability of the technical teams to deliver.

Typical promises include “guaranteed rankings” or “money-back guarantee” - but it’s all sales gimmick, with no substance.

Sales people offer these slogans just to get at your cash, regardless of consequential failure.

No one guarantees Google’s search results excepting for Google. And good luck trying to get your money back when it doesn’t work.

Competent SEO’s guarantee the dedication of years of knowledge and experience in working positively with Google results. It’s an expert position that is so sought after that the job market in experienced SEO’s is totally dry.

Not every SEO company can cover all specialities

Most SEO companies will cover a range of SEO specialities, but only specialise in one or two of these at best.

One area of failing common to SEO companies is trying to offer specialist services they do not have a real competence in.

A common experience with this is link development work.

can state categorically and without fear of contradiction that there are a lot of branded SEO companies who are selling link development as part of their SEO package to corporate clients - and then engage in link development work that is sloppy, clumsy, inadequate - or outright dangerous.

Engaging the social web via is another speciality where there are those who specialise and those who don’t. Having a Digg account and submitting something once to Digg does not a social media marketer make you, or your company.

Finding reputable SEO’s

There are a lot of good SEO’s out there who are little known, not least because they are more interested in work than public recognition.

While they may not appear readily in blog posts, a simple way to look for them is to ask for recommendations from other companies.

That way you can get a clear idea of what exact service was performed, what the fruits of the service were, and what sort of return on investment was gained.

Of course, there are a number of SEO figures in the public eye, but be careful to look in the right public places.

SEO’s who have a speaking record at industry events such as Search Engine Strategies, WebMasterWorld, and SMX usually carry the respect of the SEO industry itself, and generally regarded as experts, if not, leading figures.

Such methods are a good way to find quality through third-party validation.

Social media - not the place to find services

Social media sites, blogs, and forums, can see a lot of active chatter on SEO topics, but the warning is that some of the people leading these discussions only have limited SEO experience in working on their own website(s), and have never worked in the commercial deep end.

Accomplished SEO’s rarely have time to blog or post in communities - they are usually too busy and there are better things to do with their time. However, some do make a point of keeping a public presence, not least because their business model demands attention on their position within the industry.

The warning is, accomplished SEO’s don’t necessarily carry the respect of any online community, but do carry the respect of their clients, and sometimes even have industry recognition as well.

The threat of losing clients to SEO vultures

SEO as an industry already suffers an image problem - to many, at best SEO is about “spamming”, and at worse, outright fraud. However, while competent SEO’s continue to deliver expert services, they remain under threat from client demands for bigger, better - and cheaper.

This is even more the case where clients have engaged in successful SEO services - and are lulled into a false sense of security that they can then either get the same SEO services cheaper elsewhere, or else even do it themselves.

I’ve been pretty shocked to receive a couple of communications from clients this year raising these very issues, so I’ve had to spend valuable time in communications re-assuring them of the quality of work, pointing to indicators we use to measure success - and pointing out the difference between “competent SEO” and “cheap SEO”.

While I can only advise people outside of the SEO industry to shop on quality, rather than price, my own experience suggests that within the SEO industry itself, client communications and reinforcement of relationships is becoming an increasingly accentuated part of the job.

I already thought I was good at that - now I need to become better.

That's it for this month.... don't forget, let us know what you think... feel free to pass it on to anyone you feel would be interested. Quick Links...


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